Reduce Water Usage by 15%-25% & Save Money!

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Water Pilot® provides positive cash flow out of the gate. The system mitigates water and sewer annual cost increases, reduces costs for hot water heating as well as helps with extending plumbing and appliance life expectancy. And the maintenance-free system pays for itself in less than two years!

The Water Pilot® unique orifice design controls and manages pressure and entrained air, delivering more accurate meter readings. The system sets the flow rate to the ideal level, which reduces consumption and waste.

Live monitoring & real-time reporting allow you to keep up with exact water consumption anytime, anywhere. Constructed from 316L medical grade stainless steel, the Water Pilot valve is designed to last. The product is patent pending, NSF/61 compliant and manufactured in an ISO9001 compliant factory.

Conserve Water. Save Money. Help the Environment.

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Why Choose Water Pilot?

The Water Pilot® System has consistently proven a 10 to 25% or more reduction in water and sewer expenses.

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Now you can reduce water consumption and save money at your residential or commercial property with The WATER PILOT® System. This proprietary technology allows you to remotely monitor water usage. Monitor leaks and stay on top of your water consumption with Water Pilot.




Live usage data & leak detection notification from monitoring device.

316L medical-grade stainless steel valve customized for each system.

No cost installation by a licensed & bonded professional plumber.

Live Cellular Monitoring

Stainless Steel Valve

Free Installation

Real Time Reporting

Data driven, real-time consumption comparison reports.

Water Pilot is Ideal for:

Hotels & Resorts     Condominiums & Apartments     Senior Care Facilities     Restaurants                

Educational Institutions     Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities     Car Washes      Office & Corporate Buildings

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